Ham radio meets heritage

Award program for ham radio activities at castles in Ireland. COTA-EI is a member of the World Castle Award program.

Castles on the Air – Ireland (COTA-EI) is a national program combining ham radio and interest in historical buildings – specifically castles and fortresses. The program generates attention to historical sites whilst creating ham radio activity worth contacting.

The program has started in 2021 based on the initiative of the World Castle Award program.

The COTA-EI program is a new awards program that has been set up with the help of WCA and GMA which is helping with the awards, it also runs along with the WCA and GMA so you can claim the awards on their site as well as our own.

The COTA-EI program is run by:

If you would like to be involved please let me know 

COTA-EI cooperates closely with the WCA program, to make sure that the activities in EI are also valid for the WCA awards. We upload activity logs to our national database and to the WCA global database.